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    Rudraksha Beads : Original vs Fake

    Rudraksha Beads : Original vs Fake

    I get many queries asking if our Rudraksha are original or do we give certificate of authenticity with the beads.

    First let me introduce Rudraksha.

    Rudraksha is a fruit of a plant, that grows in Himalayas and Indonesia. Each fruit has some number of seeds inside.

    Most common fruit is with Five Seeds, that is very cheap and we sell it in strings.

    As number of seed inside increases it becomes rare and there price becomes dearer. Number of face on the fruits tells number of seeds inside.

    Now what is fake Rudraksha?

     When someone creates artificial face on Rudraksha to increase its price, it is a fake Rudraksha and this happens for higher face Rudraksha, for 14 face or more.

    Suppose a seller has 18 face Rudraksha and the seller somehow created three additional face on it and sold it as 21 Rudraksha the seller will make many times the original price.

    To detect if the face is not created artificially one need to do X-ray of the fruit to see number of seeds inside matches number of face.

    For five face Rudraksha no one sales fake, because nothing can be cheaper. To make sure one can just break a fruit and see if it is fruit or not, off course he will lose a bead.

    For higher face Rudraksha  no one will break it because it is so costly, so they take out X-Ray.

    So certificate of authencity is required if you are buying higer mukhi (face) beads, lets say, 14 mukhi or more, below that no one sales fake Rudraksha.

    for 5 face Rudrksha strings If we take out X-ray of each bead or even a string of Rudraksha It will become many times costlier. So it better just to break a fruit randomly and be sure that it is not fake. 

    As far as I know, no one sales artificial 5 face Rudraksha, for higher face there are sure some fake ones.

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    Thank you for this clarification. I have some 5 mukhi rudraksha that I got a few years ago, but I wasn't sure if those were fake because they looked different than other ones. I will try to break one and see what happens.

    I will definitely be purchasing from your site! Looking forward to it.